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GrafxShop (aka Graphics Shop)

GrafxShop is the core product. GrafxShop lets you edit images, add special effects ('fx) and save edited image in one or many different industry standard formats. GrafxPage can use the images created by GrafxShop and lay them out on a page that can be published. It can also create special effects like alpha blendings with images and other geometrical objects. Besides, it can rotate and resize images and objects till you get the exact page that you are looking for. GrafxWeb similarly can use the images created by GrafxShop and enable you to author simple web pages.

  • Dynamic Selection - Freehand, Oval, Rectangle, Polygon - combinations of any through CTRL and Shift. Magic Wand with color tolerance for quick selections. Selections and masks can be saved to disk and retrieved. Selections can be rotated at any angle, inflated and deflated.
  • Drawing Tools - Freehand, Shapes, Bezier, Polylines, Splines, Arcs, Chords, Pies, Text Tools. Red Eye reduction brush.
  • Thumbnail Browsing of all images in a folder.
  • Alpha Blending and Transparencies - Stick On Images. The Main Window and Menu can also be turned transparent / semi-transparent. The Window comes with user selectable themes.
  • Vectors and Layers - Layers, Objects and Images can be resized, merged and blended with background image using very few mouse strokes. Dynamic Selection of vector objects. Cloning of selected areas. Cloned areas can be resized and rotated.
  • Blend Tools - 15 separate filters and transparency (alpha) blending. Blend Paste added. Blend Paste allows clipboard pasting of images to base image or selection with alpha blending.
  • Blend Brush - New Blend Brush for selective blending has just been added.
  • Painting Tools - Multi purpose Brush (color and bitmapped), Translucent RGB Brushes, Contrast and Saturation brushes, Gradient, Mirror Brushes, Border, Droplets, Spheres, Twists etc.
  • Manipulation - Crop, Resize, Rotate, Flip, Mirror.
  • Color Conversions - Palette or Black and White with Dithering and Threshold. 
  • Most graphics files (raster and vector) supported including Jasc Paint Shop Pro© and Adobe Photoshop©, Autodesk AutoCAD, SGI, Kodak PhotoCD, Dr. Halo.
  • Screen Capture - Full Desktop, Active Window or Selection.
  • Effects - Blurs, Split Blurs, Tiles, Posterization, Solarization, Brightness, Saturation, Sharpness, Smoothness, Contrast, Grayscale, Inversion, Embossing, Noise, Trace, Mosaic, Plasma, Spray, Ripple and many others -   Fog, Sepia, Image Highlighter, Edge Detection, Plasma Effects, Water Effects, Fire Effects, RGB Colorizers.
  • Rotations, JPEG Loss less rotations.  
  • Resizing with different filters
  • Paint effects - Oil Paint and Frost.
  • Custom Picture Frames - Use any other image to create a frame with special edges on the main image. 
  • HSV and RGB Color Splitting 
  • Histogram Analysis, Equalization, Fore/Background Equalization, Threshold 
  • Image Clean Up - Removal of isolated pixels and noise. 
  • Transparencies - Setting and getting transparent color - also setting and getting dominant colors. 
  • Printing - Enhanced Printing Capabilities. Includes repositioning image, re-calibrating gamma for printer. 
  • Multiple Document Interface - handle many images at the same time.
  • Image Explorer - Retrieve quickly the image you wish to work on.


  • Full featured Slide Show with Transition Effects
  • Complete Screen Slide Show

GrafxShop Rx

  • Medical Imaging
  • Dye control and coloring
  • Dimensional measurements

GrafxShop Scan

  • Scanner and Twain Support for Cameras and Other Devices.
  • Image Filters.
  • Rubberbanding and Cropping


  • Complete CAD system
  • High Precision
  • Support for Tablets and Pens
  • Floor Plans, 2 D orthogonal drawings, layouts etc.
  • Electrical Drawings


  • Instant Logo Generation
  • Bullets
  • Buttons
  • Headings


Emryn GrafxPage© is a business publishing, marketing materials and logo generation software.

  • GrafxPage© is a one-stop solution for creating and publishing a wide variety of publications for desktop printing, commercial printing, e-mail distribution, or setting up on the Web
  • Create a comprehensive selection of business publications like brochures, letterheads, newsletters, business cards, logos and other publications
  • Offers a complete multi-page document publication. Geometric (vector), Image, Scalable Raster, Text and Text Memo objects can be added to any page
  • One can add all kinds of objects to the document. Text, Text-Memo, Images, Metafiles, Polylines, Line segments, Rectangles, Rounded Rectangles, Squares, Ellipses, Freehands and others are available as standard
  • Objects can be rotated by any angle. Besides, they can be semi-transparent, on shape level (master alpha) as well as on pixel level. Objects can be grouped
  • Special Objects included for Use Case Diagrams and schemas.
  • Besides, objects can inherit different effects like:
    Hue/Saturation/Lightness adjust.
  • GrafxPage© provides high-quality printing, either complete document or selections, at multiple resolutions, to a device (printer) or to an image. Make the most of your investment by publishing a single publication for different viewers. Print on the desktop printer; take it to a commercial printer; save it to the Web; or send a single page in an e-mail message or the entire publication as an attachment


Emryn GrafxWeb is a web site creation and maintainance program.

  • GrafxWeb is a web authoring software
  • It offers a Rich Editor to visually create Web Pages and Web Forms
  • Comes with many ready-to-use templates
  • Once the pages are created, they can be transferred seamlessly to the hosting area using GrafxShop Secure FTP (included in the package).


  • Secure FTP to any host (Full 128bit SSL Encryption)
  • Lists Folders and Files on Local and Host
  • Save Host IP addresses and Locations
  • Drag and Drop Files
  • Delete, Rename Files and Folders easily


New GrafxShop

GrafxShop (pronounced Graphics Shop) includes GrafxPage (Graphics Page) and GrafxWeb (Graphics Web) in a single application for a complete Graphics Experience. Enhanced Dashboard and many other features. Available for Download Now. Includes Image Editing, Page Publishing, Web Authoring, Slide Shows, Secure FTP, Twain Support, Rx (medical), Full 2 Dimensional CAD and support for internationalization

Software Upgrades

Registered users of Emryn Software will receive all minor upgrades. If the version number of Software is x.y then as long as version x is built and supported by Emryn, all such versions will be given free to registered users. If x is incremented, upgrades will be offered at significantly lower prices for registered users.

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